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Free Walking Tour Porto

Baixa-Chiado Free Tour

The downtown area of Lisbon

Every day at 4 PM

2 hr 30 m

These romantic districts have been the meeting point of famous artists and poets for decades and it’s still considered to be the heart of Lisbon. 

Most of this area was rebuilt after the great earthquake in 1755 and nowadays, is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan places in the city.
This tour will show you the rich portuguese culture, the rise and fall of the portuguese empire, the longest dictatorship in Europe, the revolution that changed many lives and the many aspects of the Portuguese culture, its progress, values and pride.


From the historic Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square), one of the most emblematic symbols of Lisbon, we’ll take you to places like Elevator Santa Justa, Augusta Street, Carmo Monastery, Luís de Camões Square, Rossio Square, Adamastor viewpoint, São Roque Church and many more.

Free Walking Tour Porto

The historical area of Porto

2 hr 30 m

Every day at 10:00, 11:00, 15:30 and 17:00

At Fonte dos Leões, in front of Porto's University

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Portugal and the one that gave name to our country (and the famous wine). Located on the banks of the Douro River, its historical area was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

Porto became an economic power during the Age of Discoveries, between the XV and the XVII centuries. Prince Henry the Navigator, the father of the Discoveries, was born here and the city became one of the largest shipyards of Portugal. In the early XVIII century, the Douro Valley was established as a famous wine region and it played a important role in the development of the city.

Hi Porto Walking Tours will take you around this charming city and show you the historical facts that changed the history of Portugal, the incredible architecture with its impressive buildings and monuments, the local culture, traditions and of course, the delicious food typical from the North of Portugal and you’ll find out why Porto was elected Best European Destination in 2017.

From our meeting point at Fonte dos Leões, you'll see places like Aliados Avenue, Porto's City Hall, São Bento Station, Clérigos Tower, Lello Bookshop, Carmo Church, Vitoria Viewpoint, Sé Cathedral, Infante Square, Luis I Bridge, Ribeira and much more. 


We need at least 4 people to run this tour.

For groups with more than 6 people, we charge 10,00 euros per person in advance to ensure that our guides receive a fair payment for their work.

free walking tour Porto
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